Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving 2016

Well, I don't really know if I can even call myself a blogger anymore...and I'm sorry to say my years-long habit of daily gratitude lists has fallen off dramatically. But I couldn't break a twelve-year tradition, so I'm logging in this week to name a hundred gifts in celebration of Thanksgiving.

This year I'm thanking God for, among His countless blessings to me, these specific gifts both tremendous and small:

1. my boys' unprompted gratitude
2. their incessant sound effects
3. their creativity
4. their love for and knowledge about animals
5. their chatter at the dinner table

6. dedicated, hardworking elementary school teachers
7. teachers' glowing reports about my kids
8. opportunities to volunteer in their schools
9. the diversity of my kids' schools
10. caring parents who work hard at fundraisers

11. dear friends with whom I can be completely real and honest
12. deep, intense conversations
13. texting to keep in touch with faraway friends
14. friends who pursue me
15. friends who pray for me

16. the way Steve just gets me, hears my heart
17. the way he pushes back and sharpens my thinking
18. his tremendous gift of wisdom
19. his incredible patience
20. his relentless servanthood

21. leggings
22. stretchy jeans
23. fuzzy sweaters
24. soft scarves
25. tall boots

26. antihistamines
27. ibuprofen
28. chiropractic care
29. midwives
30. water aerobics

31. Jude blowing me kisses
32. Elijah winking at me
33. Steve doing the driving, and the fact that I feel safe with him behind the wheel
34. FaceTime with my parents
35. emails from my MIL

36. red maples
37. trees whose leaves change to multiple colors
38. bright yellow gingkos
39. star-shaped sweet gum leaves
40. lawns carpeted orange

41. iced coffee
42. family recipes
43. smoked turkey
44. pumpkin scones
45. candy cane Oreos

46. hours spent reading aloud to the boys
47. audiobooks
48. Elijah poring over his animal encyclopedia
49. Jude learning to read
50. endless supply of Kindle books via the library

51. a business trip for Steve on which I can tag along
52. Steve's strong desire to have me join him
53. Airbnb
54. air travel
55. a U.S. passport

56. online shopping with free returns
57. jewelry cleaner
58. yummy scented hand lotion
59. high-pressure showerheads
60. mascara

61. gathering with women to study God's Word
62. the privilege of teaching them
63. the ways they teach me
64. monthly women's prayer meeting
65. weekly discipleship time

66. wise and loving elders who shepherd our church
67. our deacons' hard work behind the scenes
68. preading that consistently makes much of Jesus
69. theologically rich music
70. beautiful people who love the Lord and each other

71. the experience of being a soccer mom to teach me about my parents' sacrificial love
72. Elijah starting piano lessons
73. how easy it is to access almost any music, instantly
74. pizza
75. toenail polish

76. Jude's full-body hugs
77. boys joining me for morning quiet time
78. walks to school with Elijah
79. the boys' love for and kindness to each other
80. the times when they're eager to be helpers

81. Simeon Course for Biblical Exposition
82. The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference
83. This American Life
84. Nicholas Kristof's excellent journalism + magnanimity
85. Compassion International

86. loving me when I'm wrong
87. inviting me to cast all my anxieties on Him
88. keeping all His promises
89. preserving His Word to reveal Himself and strengthen our faith
90. remaining faithful when I am faithless

91. evident fruit of the Spirit in friends' lives
92. friends who persevere through unfathomable trials
93. friends who struggle and cry out for help
94. friends who hold up their shields of faith when I am weak
95. people who fight against injustice

96. the ability to memorize His Word
97. an imperishable, undefiled, unfading inheritance
98. His being a joyful God and inviting us to share in His joy
99. the certain hope of Jesus' return to right all wrongs, make all things new, reign forever in justice and righteousness
100. His dwelling with us, in us, in the meantime