Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Project Respect

So I just spent all day in training for Project Respect--abstinence education in the area public schools. I heard about this a few weeks ago, and when I called, the lady said they had already hired all they were going to hire, but that she didn't want to turn me away, you never know what might happen, etc. So she asked me to send my resume, and we scheduled an interview for this morning. She even invited me to come to the first training session today--keep in mind, this is all without actually having a job for me to fill.

Fast forward to today. I go in for the interview, and what do you know? One of their Field Coordinators just found out last night that her husband is being transferred to South Carolina and they're moving in a month. Talk about "coincidence"...

So the point is, I basically have a job if I want it. I would be doing PR and contacting schools in the area, then going into the schools to do presentations in health classes, etc. promoting abstinence until marriage. This comes on top of the other job offer on the table right now for me to continue writing for Kingdom Building Ministries for six months. Both are part time, the question is, do I want to do both? Or just one or the other, and if so which one? It's a nice problem to have, for sure...But still a bit of a dilemma.

If anyone out there actually reads this blog, would you please pray that God would give me wisdom and discernment?? Whew...what a day.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Humble yourselves

Some wise words from the man affectionately known at Kingdom Building Ministries simply as "Pastor" (David Robertson, staff pastor and father of president Dwight Robertson):

(giving a devotional from 1 Peter 5:6): "'Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.' Notice it says humble yourselves. God can do it--you can ask Him to--but that's really not the way you want to do it."

I've learned some really good lessons about humility lately. Like the fact that you can say that you need or want to cultivate humility, but practically, what does that look like? And when an opportunity arises, you're almost definitely not going to want to. And it's often really not fun at all when you're doing it. But...also I've learned that when you do humble yourself and trust God to take care of the results in another person...it's amazing what He does, in the situation and in you.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Does anyone out there speak Russian?

So I just changed my blog settings to display the date in Russian. Why? Frankly, I am not sure. I don't even speak Russian. It just seemed like a good idea. Maybe I'll try a new language every week. Or maybe I need to get a life and stop blogging every ten minutes. Man, this is addicting...


Selling books on half.com is WAY more complicated, time consuming and annoying than buying them. Here's hoping I get buyers on at least half of the 32 books I listed tonight. Otherwise, what a waste of a perfectly good Sunday evening :/

Les Miserables

Tonight I went to a local production of Les Miserables--one of my favorite musicals, done by the best high school students from around the area. Two thoughts:
1: I really miss musical theatre. And why didn't they do that when I was in high school??
2: Being able to distinctly hear sharping or flatting of pitches really makes listening to music painful sometimes...

Begin with the End in Mind

"Imagine your family and friends are sitting around a table after your funeral. There's no pretense, no need to impress or be eloquent. They begin to share how they sincerely felt about you, what they remember most about you, and what you were really like. What would you want them to say about you?"

Answering this question recently has provided me with a lot of motivation and inspiration. If you "begin with the end in mind," suddenly you have a goal to shoot for. Not only have I clearly articulated what kind of legacy I want to leave--what I want my life to be about, and what I want to be remembered for--but now I realize that I have to do certain things NOW in order to make that happen. It's easier to get motivated and excited about spiritual growth and disciplined, daily life if you know why you're doing it--if you have the end in mind all along.

My number-one goal for this summer was to figure out my life mission statement, and in the process of discovering this, I went through a fantastic study called "Charting the Course." It uses Ephesians 2:10 as the basis for discovering your destiny and developing a life plan. Your history (where you've come from) plus your identity (who God made you to be) plus your ministry (what God has for you to do) equals your destiny: God's sovereign purpose(s) for you.

I'm excited to say that I wrote a mission statement, and you know what? It's inspiring! (I'd be glad to share it with whoever wants to know.) The point is, instead of aimlessly wandering through life, hoping to find meaning and fulfillment, you have to proactively seek out what it is that God has for you to do. And here's the key: There's nothing you could do that would bring God greater glory, would bring you greater joy, or would more significantly advance the Kingdom than for you to fulfill the sovereign purposes you were created for!

Home sweet home

Finally back in Ohio...I'll definitely miss the Rockies and everyone in Denver, but it's nice to be home. And the best part? I do not have to pack or unpack (except for a weekend trip here or there) for TEN MONTHS. It has been four years since I've been settled in one place that long!! Praise the Lord. Another bonus: my parents finally invested in wireless internet instead of dial-up...which means I can be on AIM and blogging, surfing, etc on a regular basis :) More updates coming soon...meanwhile, if you haven't talked to me in a while, give me a call or drop a note, cause I probably miss you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

After a nine-month hiatus...

Nothing like starting a blog, then not posting on it for nine-plus months. Argh! The truth is, keeping a real journal, and emailing nearly all my thoughts to my fiance, keeps the motivation to write them out yet again in a blog pretty low. Plus let's be honest, I'm intimidated that my blog will never be as good as Jeff's ;)

Seriously, I've read so many fun blogs, and love the idea, that I think I actually want to get this one going. And now that I'm no longer in the bubble at IWU, this could be a good way to keep anyone who cares posted on my life. So here's to the first post since last November...and hopefully I'll be at least a little more consistent from here on out.