Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 279

Now that it's Wednesday and this post got started but never finished...whew! Crazy week. Thanking God for...

4818. grace to set my alarm and get up early
4819. the fact that I have grown to enjoy early mornings, once I am out of bed
4820. the hilarity of remembering what I once considered "early" morning
4821. my parents asking to take Elijah for a few days during his spring break
4822. gas to drive and meet them halfway

4823. driving west at sunset
4824. road signs to aid navigation
4825. Jude missing his brother before we even pulled in our driveway
4826. phone chats with a dear friend
4827. daylight later in the evenings

4828. boys who adjust to DST with minimal frustration
4829. Skype with Elijah at Grammy & Pops's house
4830. Jude's face lighting up at the sight of his brother
4831. time to sit and really talk with Steve about things on my heart
4832. the fact that latex paint easily washes off hands

4833. low-VOC paint
4834. birthday packages
4835. being slow to anger, unlike me
4836. not treating me as my sins deserve
4837. a little crafting time with friends

4838. safe travels for me and my parents in exchanging Elijah
4839. podcasts and audiobooks to occupy my mind in the car
4840. a good report from Grammy and Pops
4841. parents I can trust to care for my children for several days
4842. Elijah and Jude running toward each other and hugging

4843. a walk across the newly-opened Big Four bridge in Louisville


4844. Elijah having regained the weight and strength he lost to the stomach bug
4845. Jude's corduroy blazer
4846. Jude wanting to be in the kitchen with me

Monday, March 11, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 278

Thanking God this week for...

4795. grace to get through midnight and 3AM puking, PJ-changing, sheet-washing, etc.
4796. uncomfortable perspectives that challenge my thinking
4797. boys wanting to read, read, read
4798. a new recipe from a dear friend, based on a recipe I gave her a few years ago
4799. an unexpected phone call from another dear friend

4800. early morning prayer with a (wait for it) dear friend
4801. afternoon writing time
4802. a community meeting about our public schools
4803. Elijah growing in self-control
4804. some late-afternoon time outside on a warm day

4805. more clothes than I need or want
4806. new-to-me clothes from a swap that a [dear] friend hosted
4807. her generosity in giving away far more than she got
4808. reusable grocery bags
4809. Steve, the boys and me singing along to Slugs & Bugs

4810. Elijah's appetite returning
4811. using my words to bring much-needed encouragement to a...yes, dear friend :)
4812. her taking the time to tell me so
4813. church friends going WAY above and beyond, helping clean up an epic poop disaster
4814. the safe arrival of a dear friend's first baby

4815. the fact that none of these "dear friends" I am mentioning are even the same person! BLESSED to have so many beautiful women in my life!
4816. Steve making homemade pizza
4817. chapters of Charlotte's Web before bed and before naps

Monday, March 04, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 277

Thanking God this week for...

4759. friendly people at school open houses
4760. grace to move from inner monologue to dialogue with Him
4761. grace to repent and redeem the last hours of a bad day
4762. Elijah happily slurping French onion soup, not realizing he was eating straight spoonfuls of the vegetable he thinks he hates :)
4763. a friend's memorization of Philippians 1-2

4764. pink coffee (white chocolate raspberry mocha)
4765. celebrations of small but meaningful progress
4766. a late-night chat with my BFF
4767. a husband unafraid to speak truth and present logic, rather than coddle my self-centeredness
4768. a generous thank-you gift card from the ladies who attended our retreat

4769. a friend watching Jude during an open house
4770. lunch with her afterward
4771. grace to choose time in the Word instead of vegging on the computer during naptime
4772. Jude pretending to play the cello along with The Piano Guys
4773. His promise to give wisdom to those who ask

4774. coffee in a French press
4775. stand mixer kneading bread dough
4776. pens that write just right
4777. a black McConn mug with a glued-together handle
4778. written-out prayers from 2002

4779. the safe arrivals of friends' and cousins' babies
4780. Elijah "reading" to Jude
4781. Jude doing great at dropoff for his first day of Mother's Day Out

4782. water with lime
4783. the visible beauty in the way He orchestrated events in my past

4784. a written record of it, so I can look back and marvel
4785. a washer and dryer to clean soiled bedding
4786. access to our pediatrician by phone
4787. Star Wars movies providing distraction to a very sick preschooler
4788. Steve and I taking shifts overnight

4789. generic Zofran to finally stop the vomiting
4790. preschool moms asking how Elijah is doing
4791. indoor plumbing
4792. a decent night's sleep for everyone, finally
4793. Jude's happy-dance about foods he likes

4794. leading in steadfast love those He has redeemed