Friday, March 27, 2015

The Beauty of Serving and Being Served

In recent weeks, as friends of mine have faced various trials, I’ve had occasion to marvel at the beauty of women asking for, giving, and receiving help.

And I've not always been on the giving end; my servant-hearted husband frequently gives me food for thought and reasons to be thankful as I receive gracious help from him. 

We hate to feel needy; we don’t want to burden others. But when we are ashamed of our weakness, or too proud to admit our need, we commit robbery.

Click over to read my article at Ungrind today about the glimpses of glory that can be seen when we cast off our pride, admit our weakness, and ask for help.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Multitude Monday, Take 345

Thanking God this week for...

7133. cardinal outside my kitchen window
7134. my renewed passport, and the power of that document
7135. Steve's ability to listen well and make wise, rational decisions when I'm indecisive
7136. ease of communication with Elijah's teachers and principal
7137. freedom in this season of life to serve friends in need

7138. Jude looking out for a 2yo when he was messing with a plug/outlet, and then telling Daddy about it later: "He was about to get dead but I saved him!"
7139. Chocolate Trinity ice cream from Publix

7140. Steve cooking dinner when I was exhausted and had a lot of other stuff to do
7141. Emily Freeman highlighting one of my #itssimplytuesday photos
7142. beauty to be seen even in traffic and rain

7143. friends who ask for help
7144. hard, good words from Ann Voskamp
7145. leftovers from breakfast-for-dinner = quick and easy breakfast
7146. Steve's gracious, gentle reaction to the discovery that $20 worth of meat got left in the car overnight
7147. friends on Facebook empathizing with my grocery mishap

7148. my husband's patience and lack of condemnation reflecting the Lord's heart toward me
7149. Jesus came to bring JOY
7150. fellowship with friends around the dinner table
7151. the way He put different genres of literature in His word--knowing that while it's all important, different styles would speak better to different minds and personalities
7152. free makeup from Sephora for my birthday

7153. evidence of the Spirit's work in a friend's heart
7154. getting to hear a recording of the testimony a dear friend shared at her church
7155. we have obtained a faith of equal standing with the apostles!
7156. cleansing us from former sins
7157. the fact that entrance into an eternal Kingdom is coming

7158. Yukon Gold potatoes
7159. having mercy on the worst idolaters who turn to Him
7160. circumcising our hearts, that we might love Him and live
7161. Jude telling Elijah in a heated argument: "Brothers are more important than Legos!"
7162. Steve in the kitchen with me, talking and helping make dinner

7163. the insane privilege of being born in America at the end of the 20th century
7164. women at our church rallying to pray for and encourage each other

Monday, March 09, 2015

Multitude Monday, Take 344

Thanking God this week for...

7103. Steve talking me down when I'm irrational
7104. the discovery of the deliciousness that is roasted broccoli
7105. when rain seeped right through my shoes, I could go home and put on a different pair
7106. extra snuggles from Elijah while he was sick
7107. reminders that He can and wants to use me even in my messy brokenness

7108. grace to give myself a time out to sit, breathe, be still, give thanks
7109. the means to afford health care, both alternative and mainstream
7110. frosted windowpanes
7111. tiny snowflakes whirling
7112. pre-dawn stillness, wonderland of white

7113. the accumulation of years and years spent reading Scripture = ability to make connections
7114. choosing to make His Name dwell among us and then be sacrificed for us
7115. desiring for us not merely to obey and submit, but to be "altogether joyful" before Him
7116. a few inches of snow to play in
7117. snow crystals sparkling in the sunshine 

7118. homemade cinnamon hot chocolate
7119. dust bunnies vanquished
7120. podcasts and audiobooks to occupy my mind while cleaning
7121. disinfectant spray and wipes
7122. time spent digging into Colossians with beautiful women

7123. the hope laid up for us in Heaven
7124. enabling me to hear and understand the gospel
7125. qualifying me to share in the inheritance of the saints
7126. delivering me from the domain of darkness
7127. transferring me to the kingdom of His beloved Son

7128. forgiving my sins
7129. inviting me into the perfect joy and love and delight within the Trinity
7130. rich conversation about the sermon and marriage with friends over lunch
7131. conviction
7132. how far society has come in its treatment of women


Monday, March 02, 2015

Multitude Monday, Take 343

Gosh it's been a while since I've done one of these. OY. Carving out time to give thanks today for a multitude of blessings over the last month, including...

7043. the fact that a suspension rod in our car broke down in our driveway--not while I was driving and not while Steve was going 60MPH down the road

7044. calm, rational discussions with my husband--so refreshing to dialogue with someone logical, respectful, intelligent and kind, in contrast to brutal Internet vitriol
7045. the hysterical Saved By the Bell throwback sketch with Jimmy Fallon
7046. getting to go to a local livestream of IF:Gathering with a dear friend
7047. the ladies at the host church welcoming us so warmly

7048. deep conversations, meals in restaurants, a free hotel room--luxurious day/night away!
7049. gifted women bringing truth so powerfully
7050. fresh grace to fight and hope
7051. Steve serving me by making it possible for me to get away
7052. a friend being honest about her feelings and weakness

7053. another friend's example of courage and humility in asking for help
7054. the privilege of serving her, participating in Jesus' care and provision for her
7055. the incredible reality that by serving her, I was serving Jesus
7056. a friend who called to ask for prayer/help
7057. the gift of fighting for and with my sister

7058. the Spirit's intercession for us
7059. Jesus' intercession for us
7060. a new pack of my favorite cheap ballpoint pens
7061. the #itssimplytuesday tag on Instagram
7062. early morning snuggles unexpectedly with Elijah, and his calling me "my sweet mama" in spite of how snappish I was with him at 3AM

7063. a new, helpful focus for my daily Bible reading
7064. the fact that in this season of life, I have hours to spend studying

7065. all I am learning in the Simeon Course on Biblical Exposition
7066. the way that Scripture is clear and yet fathoms deep
7067. our new women's Sunday school class studying Colossians

7068. men at church encouraging us
7069. the way Elijah still says "Valentime"
7070. his giving his principal a big hug on his way out the door, and the smile that lit up her face
7071. thoughtful texts from friends
7072. a sweet note from an old friend that totally made my day, coming at just the right time

7073. a visit from Steve's cousin and his family
7074. snowed in with them, house full of food and games, laughter and noise, love and life
7075. a three-year-old dish-washing helper :)
7076. the cousins' safety traveling on icy roads
7077. steam curling up from red teakettle

7078. snow falling against a purply pre-dawn sky
7079. no school = boys sleeping in = extended early morning quiet time
7080. boys' rosy cheeks from playing in the snow

7081. long-overdue visit with friends (mine and the boys')
7082. transparency, honesty, vulnerability, confession, forgiveness, sweet fellowship

7083. a retiring deacon at our church and his wife--their humble, faithful service
7084. the opportunity to recognize and honor them
7085. our elders' humility, wisdom, patient love for their flock
7086. friends' testimonies of answered prayers
7087. a free tool for making and customizing word clouds

7088. Christ in us, the hope of glory!
7089. a sweet conversation with the boys about the church and serving
7090. the way their faces lit up when we pointed out how *they* had been serving
7091. cookie-baking with the boys
7092. a year of Southern Living for $2

7093. a lunch date with Daddy on day 8 of no school

7094. the magnificent ending to the Wingfeather Saga

7095. "the stories are true / Jesus makes all things new!"
7096. all the research Steve did in preparation for buying a new car
7097. how well he manages our money

7098. the trusty old car I've/we've been driving for almost 15 years (and getting more for it at trade-in than we hoped)

7098. the means to buy a nice car with excellent safety ratings
7099. boys being incredible, awesome shoppers through a LONG day at the car dealership
7100. glorious sermon yesterday on Exodus 35-40 and the way the tabernacle + furnishings point to Jesus our Messiah
7101. perspective on how long it sometimes takes for His promises to be fulfilled
7102. we have a Home that cannot be shaken