Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Project Respect

So I just spent all day in training for Project Respect--abstinence education in the area public schools. I heard about this a few weeks ago, and when I called, the lady said they had already hired all they were going to hire, but that she didn't want to turn me away, you never know what might happen, etc. So she asked me to send my resume, and we scheduled an interview for this morning. She even invited me to come to the first training session today--keep in mind, this is all without actually having a job for me to fill.

Fast forward to today. I go in for the interview, and what do you know? One of their Field Coordinators just found out last night that her husband is being transferred to South Carolina and they're moving in a month. Talk about "coincidence"...

So the point is, I basically have a job if I want it. I would be doing PR and contacting schools in the area, then going into the schools to do presentations in health classes, etc. promoting abstinence until marriage. This comes on top of the other job offer on the table right now for me to continue writing for Kingdom Building Ministries for six months. Both are part time, the question is, do I want to do both? Or just one or the other, and if so which one? It's a nice problem to have, for sure...But still a bit of a dilemma.

If anyone out there actually reads this blog, would you please pray that God would give me wisdom and discernment?? Whew...what a day.

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