Thursday, November 11, 2004

Prayers for a Broken Vessel

In a few hours, I head out of town to serve on the team for the girls' Chrysalis Flight this weekend. Never in my life have I felt more ill-equipped to serve. I feel like I am a mess these days, so what business do I have serving as a shepherd and mentor to a group of high school girls?

All I can do is trust that God, in His sovereignty, knew what He was doing when He put this team together. And if He hadn't wanted me on it, He could have easily stopped that. He knew where I would be when this weekend came around. So hopefully, in my extreme weakness, He will show His power.

I don't know what possesses me to be so vulnerable with the whole world. Mostly I'm asking for your prayers. Please lift me up to the Father this weekend (Thursday night-Sunday night). Pray that somehow, some way, He would use this cracked pot, this broken vessel, to minister to the hearts of girls who need a touch from Him. You could even pray that He would use this weekend to fill up this empty jar of clay, too. Thanks.

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