Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thankful Thursday, Take 47

Thanking God this week for...
  • the sling Steve's cousin made for me to carry Elijah in
  • encouragement from friends
  • meals from friends at church
  • brownies
  • Steve's wonderful cooking abilities
  • a three day weekend last weekend
  • the way Steve spoiled me over the weekend so I could get extra sleep
  • news that faraway friends are moving closer
  • giving me friends with newborns to travel this road alongside
  • late evening walks with Steve, Elijah and Hank
  • hope that transcends circumstances


tonymyles said...

Brownies rock.

Zoanna said...

I'd have another baby just to get meals from people at church. Enjoy!

Christin said...

Good to have you back, Amy!