Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday, Take 62

Thanking God for...
  • answers to prayers I've been praying for years
  • pink ink
  • fireplaces
  • homemade baked goods out of the freezer
  • the ability to ship a package without leaving my house, via
  • lunch with a new friend on Tuesday
  • the alone time I got to spend with Him last Saturday morning/afternoon
  • a husband who encourages me to get away by myself and happily watches Elijah so I can do so
  • the way Elijah greets me with big smiles every morning when he wakes up
  • Qdoba last Sunday
  • being the only one who can satisfy all my needs
  • reminders of His past faithfulness
  • grace for each moment
  • hope for the future
  • strengthening my faith in Him


Zoanna said...

Pink ink? Cute.
Qdoba? Love that place! So filling and so fresh.
Baby smiles? Priceless.

Sara said...

USPS from home!! I love that. When I had a newborn, it was invaluable! :)