Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday, Take 85

Thanking God for...
  • the fact that we don't have a huge house
  • the fact that Steve is not an investment banker
  • Elijah's improved eating this week
  • heavy blankets on cold nights
  • our iPod
  • long walks on breezy, sunny mornings
  • the ability to bake
  • Steve's late nights at work being a rare exception, not the rule
  • Elijah's giggles
  • our new computer monitor, which doesn't have to be hit frequently, propped up with random office objects, or continuously pushed with one hand to show the picture :)
  • vegetable beef soup
  • Steve's homemade cheese herb bread
  • the Word becoming flesh
  • the grace and mercy that the cross purchased


Marianne said...

It may sound silly, but I am often moved to tears by your "Thankful Thursdays." Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for not having a large house too. Often thankful. I can get it clean so much faster, and it forces me to edit my belongings often! I do wish there was just a little bit more closet space, though. Josh's guitars and equipment are starting to overflow . . .

I think we need Steve's bread recipe, hint hint!

Zoanna said...

You make me laugh. I can just picture the gymnastics you were doing to see stuff on the old monitor:). Reminds me of the days we used to band our TVs into compliance when I was a teenager.

Thanking God with you for late nights not being the rule w/ hubby gone. Mine had 2 in a row this week. Ugh.

Zoanna said...

I mean "bang," not "band."