Thursday, May 07, 2009

Thankful Thursday, Take 115

Thanking God this week for...
  • victories in small things
  • grace greater than my failures in small and big things
  • a successful attempt at homemade 100% whole wheat bread
  • strawberry season
  • Steve's flexibility in work hours
  • progress in cleaning/organizing over the weekend
  • the beautiful women who have shaped my life
  • great prayer time at church last night
  • the benefits of journaling/blogging: being able to go back and read where you've been, what you've learned, what God has done
  • reminders of His grace and patience when I most need them

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the benefits of journalling as a thanksgiving item. Just this morning i was reading a journal i had in the summer of 2005 and i was astounded by the amazing things God was doing then with that didn't feel that amazing, but for the benefit of hindsight now!