Monday, February 27, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 237

"The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me" (Psalm 50:23)

Offering thanks this week to the only One worthy of glory and praise, especially for...

2697. protecting Elijah from injury when he stumbled on the stairs
2698. a huge level of complete trust between Steve and me
2699. recipes in my grandmother's handwriting
2700. the way a simple pair of earrings can help you feel a little more put together
2701. blog space to preach to myself

2702. a walk to the post office with...
2703. a chatterbox preschooler and
2704. a quiet (for once!), content toddler
2705. encouraging emails
2706. caring about people's huge pain and trials and also about comparatively small things like math tests

2707. socks that actually stay on Jude's feet
2708. Steve doing our taxes
2709. music preaching truth to me
2710. practice in the hard eucharisteo
2711. 70 degrees and sunny in February

2712. a sweet spur-of-the-moment visit from Steve's mom and granny
2713. Grandma and Great-Granny loving and being loved by our boys
2714. triple-batch of oatmeal pancakes in a huge mountain on a plate
2715. our pastor's super-helpful Jesus-magnifying blog, recently revived
2716. Elijah playing doctor, listening to my "heartbeep"

2717. a new book for Lent
2718. new Sovereign Grace Music CDs (you have two days left to take advantage of the $6 sale!)
2719. free month of Netflix (any recommendations that can be streamed online?)
2720. the still-baby smell of Jude's head
2721. annoying little task finally crossed off the list after two months (am I the only one who procrastinates that badly?!)

2722. Sunday afternoon naps
2723. Sunday night pizza
2724. Granny's sweet mealtime prayer for us
2725. bleary-eyed Elijah up at 5:30AM to give goodbye hugs
2726. old music from my baby-Christian days

2727. the story of Revelation in The Jesus Storybook Bible
2728. Jesus' promise: "I'm on my way! I'll be there soon!"

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Danielle said...

I see we both were inspired by Bethany to purchase the same book for Lent! I'm excited to be reading that, doing the Passion Tree again, and trying to create the play-doh tomb with the boys from Noel Piper's book. Lots of new ways to prepare my heart for Easter this year.