Monday, December 03, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 268

Thanking God this week for...

4506. the challenge of NaBloPoMo--the motivation to write
4507. the fact that it's over, and the pressure is off
4508. garland on the mantel
4509. vegetable beef soup
4510. 76 degrees in December

4511. much-overdue decluttering accomplished
4512. sales and coupons
4513. the peace and unity our church has enjoyed
4514. two bushels of organic apples
4515. red mittens on Jude's little hands

4516. the fact that there are a lot worse things Jude could have dumped all over Elijah's carpet than a full dispenser of watered-down hand soap
4517. His Spirit revealing ugly parts of my heart
4518. the awesome things He's doing in a dear friend's life
4519. Elijah's mad Lego skills
4520. Steve's mad cooking/grilling/smoking skills

4521. arnica gel
4522. missing slippers found
4523. the fact that I can laugh now about what was so painful when I was 14 or 17
4524. His wisdom
4525. His sovereignty

4526. His compassion
4527. His patience
4528. cards in the mail, not Christmas, but just because
4529. five ornaments clustered on one branch of our Christmas tree
4530. grace to exercise self-control

4531. grace when I fail to exercise self-control
4532. deeply moving Christmas lyrics

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