Monday, January 21, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 271

Thanking God this week for...

4593. a bobby pin to pick the lock of Elijah's room when Jude locked himself in
4594. news that some college acquaintances' five-year-old is cancer-free!
4595. Steve praying with Elijah at bedtime; Elijah taking his words to heart
4596. Joni Eareckson Tada's convicting example of joy, trust and obedience
4597. Jude trying to twirl his spaghetti

4598. junk cleared out of the basement
4599. two little helpers making bread with me
4600. people volunteering to babysit so a military mom can come on our women's retreat
4601. a pizza date with Jude
4602. a friend's sweet new baby

4603. more than two hours over coffee with a dear friend
4604. her words of encouragement, pointing me to Jesus
4605. bathroom scrubbed
4606. new memorization work begun
4607. Steve letting the boys "help" him downstairs

4608. a bridal shower for a sweet friend
4609. the hostess's hospitality
4610. laughter
4611. a new season of Downton Abbey
4612. finally getting us back to church all together for the first time in TOO long

4613. women's retreat details coming together
4614. Steve fixing my glasses that I thought were beyond repair
4615. friends here for dinner
4616. Steve's logical, clear thinking, his ability to cut through hype and rhetoric and analyze rationally
4617. time spent reading to the boys

4618. finally feeling human again after a brutal couple of weeks
4619. the awareness that it really could have been SO much worse
4620. rescuing me from sin even at times when I didn't want to be rescued


Danielle said...

What are you doing for your new memory work? And I'm glad the ladies' retreat plans are going well!

Amy said...

I picked back up in John. I started it in January 2010 and got through the first four chapters, then didn't do any memorization work at all for a year and a half :( Sheer laziness, no excuse. So now I'm working on John 5 (and gradually re-solidifying the first four chapters as I go forward). Are you working on anything this year?