Monday, May 13, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 283

Thanking God this week for...

4954. Steve's ability to speak into my frustration and see what the boys need
4955. our pastor's heart to equip the church for the work of ministry
4956. my sweet friend's sacrificial love for her mom
4957. appreciation from my husband
4958. tiny stray kitten chasing the boys around

4959. pansies that remind me of my grandmother
4960. prayer with dear friends
4961. azaleas in bloom all over
4962. healthy, nourishing lunches to pack for the boys
4963. the opportunity to provide tangible, needed help

4964. vivid paint on little kids' hands
4965. Jude's Mother's Day Out teacher working hard to bless us with Mother's Day projects
4966. a phone chat with a friend
4967. the ability to take video on Steve's new phone
4968. Steve taking the boys to the greenway to ride bikes

4969. pedals for Elijah!  
4970. my peonies in full bloom!
4971. Elijah bringing me a bouquet

4972. grace to engage with the boys on a rainy Friday
4973. opportunity to listen and pray with a friend over the phone

4974. homemade "Laraballs," especially "Pistachio Heaven" (OK, they don't look all that appetizing, but I promise they are SO DELICIOUS)
4975. Elijah, sponaneously "I love you, Mom."
4976. fresh, local lettuce
4977. time to catch up with a dear friend and meet her sweet new baby
4978. the relief of finally finishing a project I put off WAY too long

4979. time to talk with Steve
4980. Mother's Day presents Elijah made at preschool, including one of those hilarious "My Mom Is..." worksheets that someone interviewed him for :)
4981. a sweet card from my husband, and his making me breakfast
4982. a pre-church photo with my boys

4983. His sovereignty and goodness in preserving Scripture for us
4984. Jesus' zeal for God's glory
4985. Jesus' compassion for the lost
4986. responding to our idolatry with mercy and grace (like at Mars Hill) rather than destruction and judgment (as at Mount Sinai)
4987. a new Whole30-friendly spice rub for chicken

4988. pastors who care for our souls
4989. our pastor's wife caring for our children
4990. Steve's teachable heart
4991. grace to be honest about my sin
4992. Jesus' blood, which cleanses and purifies us so much more completely than the OT rites and sacrifices could


Danielle said...

Mmmm, I adore peonies. Mine haven't bloomed yet. This will be the first year they will really bloom, as my plant is two years old.

Link to the larabar recipe?

Your hair is getting really long! I'm letting mine grow out too. I actually really liked it short (and so did Josh) but it takes a lot of $$ to keep up, and at this point in life with buying a new house and all, it's not where we need our money going right now, lol!

Amy said...

our peonies are going CRAZY--they must really love where we planted them. strangely, though, all the deep pink ones have disappeared. genetics are so weird.

I can't remember where I originally found the Larabar recipe, and I'm not following it (except for the pistachio one) anyway, haha. I will try to put up a post about them soon, since I already have pics. I need to make some more of those pistachio ones--they were SO good!

and hair...yeah, I can't decide what I want to do with mine. long hair is easier--mine is in a ponytail most of the time, which is nice for summer. I say I miss it being long because I want to be able to do stuff with it...but then I never actually do anything with it except a ponytail! but I totally feel you on the cost of short hair. mine actually could really use a trim right now but I am cheap and lazy and don't like to spend precious hours of time away alone on a haircut!