Friday, October 10, 2014

What to Do With Mom Guilt

October is my first month writing for Ungrind, a website dedicated to "churning out encouragement for women." Ungrind founder and editor Ashleigh Slater describes it this way:

Let’s face it, sometimes the daily grind of life leaves us discouraged. We desire to effectively serve God, our families, and our communities, but we often feel like we aren’t doing enough. Well enough. We find ourselves in desperate need of a word in due season.

At least, that’s been true for me.

Here at Ungrind, I hope you’ll find that word. It’s our goal to churn out weekly encouragement by being honest and transparent about our struggles, but in a way that inspires hope, faith, and perseverance. Consider us friends. The kind you feel comfortable sitting across the table with at the local coffee shop.

Due to all the writing I had to do for last month's women's retreat, my first submission was a revision of an article previously published here--full of truth I know I needed to hear again, as I so easily forget. The title refers to mom-guilt, but while the examples may be motherhood-specific, there's hope here for ALL kinds of guilt--I think men, singles, and those whose kids are grown can benefit from it, too!

Click on over to read about two kinds of mommy guilt...and a solution for both that provides far deeper and lasting hope than simply, "Stop feeling guilty; you're doing a great job, mama."

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