Monday, February 02, 2015

Multitude Monday, Take 342

Whew...I've gotten out of the gratitude habit lately. And it shows, if I'm honest. A little catching up with some January Instagrams and gifts I've enjoyed over the last few weeks: thanking God for...

6994. texting daily with my mom
6995. the BUT GODs of the Bible

6996. encouragement and affirmation from Steve
6997. the opportunity to host a going away part for this lovely friend

6998. her example of hard work, trust in the Lord, generosity, joy in hard circumstances, passion to help people and glorify God
6999. a house full of laughter, tears, food, hugs, chatter, love
7000. the privilege of knowing these beautiful women

7001. hearing stories about how they have loved and served each other
7002. Elijah patiently helping Jude build his new Lego dragon (E's Christmas gift to J)
7003. Downton Abbey with Steve
7004. the fact that I don't live in Gilded Age Britain with its ridiculous rules and caste system
7005. Lauren Winner's lovely words

7006. Ohio State's national football championship
7007. the ability to watch the game online for free
7008. dinnertime prayers for Christmas card families
7009. "Christ Jesus has made me His own" (Phil 3:12)

7010. Elephant and Piggie at the Nashville Children's Theatre
7011. the boys' delight and giggles
7012. song lyrics that inspire hope (download the song free!)
7013. seeing my brothers and sisters fight for hope and joy
7014. the way that renewed my own will to fight

7015. the new Lego table Steve built for the boys

7016. friends who hear my heart and love me, quirks and flaws and all
7017. reminders that He is The God Who Sees Me
7018. my friend Ana (pictured above) restoring this antique quilt my great-grandmother made

7019. gorgeous early morning after a light snowfall
7020. a Saturday morning prayer gathering for women of our church
7021. a surprise lunch with Diane, exactly when I needed it

7022. awareness of my own vulnerability to sin
7023. a husband who cares for me, protects me, respects me
7024. his gently helping me see different perspectives, cautioning me against judging and jumping to conclusions
7025. his never saying "I told you so"
7026. our pastors' patient wisdom and loving shepherding

7027. the Simeon Trust online course I have just started
7028. bi-weekly meetings with a dear friend who's going through it with me
7029. Jude retelling the parable of the unmerciful servant with amazing recall--hilarious and precious
7030. the boys' wonderful Sunday school teachers
7031. a Costco trip and lunch with a friend

7032. the ridiculous abundance and variety of food available to us
7033. grace to ask for help
7034. Elijah's readiness and ability to read chapter books
7035. poetry
7036. new friends around our dinner table

7037. the journal that gets sent back and forth between me and two dear college friends--showing up in my mailbox for a happy Saturday surprise

7038. the privilege of being a means of God's provision to others
7039. our pastor's amazing preaching of Jesus in Exodus 33
7040. the Mediator who went "outside the camp" to restore God's presence not only among us, but IN us
7041. a wonderful friend who doesn't merely sympathize but urges me to FIGHT
7042. twelve years with Steve (yesterday was the anniversary of our first date)


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Danielle said...

I see you liked "Still." I've read all of Winner's other books and loved them. Hadn't read that one yet.

Congrats on your anniversary!