Monday, April 13, 2015

Multitude Monday, Take 347

Thanking God this week for...

7220. free iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts on Mondays--great way to start the week
7221. songbirds
7222. carrying sleepy Jude downstairs in the mornings, his arms and legs wrapped tightly around me
7223. redbud trees in bloom

7224. afternoon writing time
7225. Steve telling the boys at dinner, "Not all mamas are good cooks like your mama."
7226. the pleasure of imaging God by being creative
7227. a friend's critiques of my poetry serving as catalysts for revision
7228. Elijah is not too old to hold my hand

7229. his asking out of the blue for a notebook to take notes during the sermon at church
7230. his excitement over a cheap green spiral notebook
7231. friends around our table
7232. Steve's ambition + hard work = 14 tons of gravel delivered to fix our driveway
7233. Steve's humility + wisdom = recognizing it was going to be too massive an undertaking to move it all by hand, and renting machinery instead of killing himself

7234. a friend's hospitality
7235. this strange but delicious creamy kale and Brussels salad
7236. "Fear and Faith" panel discussion
7237. wise and winsome women of God talking theology and pointing women to Jesus
7238. an afternoon at the park

7239. a laptop + camping chair to sit and write while the boys played
7240. Jude telling the truth about his sin
7241. his brokenhearted repentance
7242. a new phone
7243. awesome customer service from Ting, our fabulous + cheap cell phone company

7244. approval from our pastors to extend our new Sunday school class beyond the trial period
7245. one of the women sharing how the class is stirring up her desire/motivation to be in the Word during the week
7246. lovely women around my table last night
7247. getting to snuggle a newborn

7248. Jesus succeeded where Solomon and David and all other kings failed
7249. building a house for His name, not of stone and wood and gold but of living stones, people knit together to display His wisdom and goodness and reflect His glory

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