Monday, October 05, 2015

Multitude Monday, Take 353

This fall has felt eerily just like a year ago: in the space of just a week or two, a brother-wedding and a "Broken + Beautiful" women's retreat!

Two weeks ago, we were in Ohio and Michigan for the wedding of Steve's younger brother. (Sadly I did not get any good pictures of the bride and groom, much less us *with* them...there were so very many professional pictures being taken that I did not want to ask them to smile for one more :P Swiped the one below off Facebook and am eagerly anticipating the pro shots!) Then this past weekend, I traveled to Cincinnati to speak at the women's retreat for New City Church. Both events provided countless opportunities to give thanks to God for His gifts. To name and number a few:

7542. handsome boys in pink shirts, so well-behaved on a long day

7543. their taking it very seriously when we told them to look out for Uncle Ben because he was NOT allowed to see Aunt Bridget before the wedding

7544. my in-laws' '65 Lincoln, the wedding car for all three brothers

7545. a new sister-in-law!

7546. cousins being silly and laughing together at the reception

7547. my own hubs, more handsome to me and more loved by me than on our own wedding day ten years ago
7548. the opportunity to dance some East Coast Swing with him
7549. kiddos watching the festivities and getting down on the dance floor
7550. Elijah's crazy dance moves (and the video I captured that he'll hate me for in about ten years)
7551. Jude dancing with his new aunt

7552. reunion with an old friend I hadn't seen in eleven years

7553. her inviting me to speak at her church's women's retreat
7554. sweet times of worship in the car by myself on the way there and back
7555. the way He restored my joy and renewed my own soul as I spoke to the women
7556. eyes to see His beauty in the women, opportunities to hear their stories
7557. the lovely ladies I got to be in a discussion group with

7558. dear friends lifting me up in prayer as I prepared and spoke
7559. the privilege of being a vessel of truth and grace and hope, speaking life-giving words and pointing women to Jesus
7560. deep conversation with my friend after the retreat
7561. her hospitality
7562. getting to worship at their wonderful church on Sunday morning

7563. the delight of surprising a friend on my way home
7564. an afternoon walk in the sunshine, catching up with her
7565. her persevering, confident trust in His love and sovereignty and provision through trials
7566. reunion with my guys on Sunday night
7567. safety over 1500+ miles on the road
7568. powerful reminders of His love for me

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