Friday, December 03, 2004

"You Didn't Convince Me"

I taught four classes on "boundaries" today at a local high school--freshman and sophomore health classes. Quite a different experience from the sixth graders I blogged about a few weeks ago. Instead of the positive, sweet and innocent evaluation comments from them (though I did get positive evaluations today), I got these:

(from a 14-year-old girl) "I have already been sexually active with my fionse before we were even engaged. I have no regrets. Amy made it seem like if we have been sexually active then we regretted it. I do NOT. I love the person I'm with and I wouldn't change any decision I've made."

(also from a 14-year-old girl) "It's my life and although I am a virgin, I'm in a very happy healthy relationship w/ a person whom I am going to spend the rest of my life w/, & personally I think it's ok if I have sex before I'm married. 'You didn't convince me!'"

Honestly, I'm speechless. It's so hard. I don't want to do this anymore...

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dottie said...

hey amy-
i know you're discouraged. :( responses like that are so very difficult to hear. be encouraged, though, i'm sure that even though it may seem like you aren't getting through to everyone, there are kids in those classes who are listening to you. i ran into one of my CPR (creating positive relationships) teachers from middle school, and it was so great to see her again, to know that the organization is still teaching abstinence-based sex ed in the schools (10 years later!), and to tell her that the things she said really stuck with me (all those classes, all the youth group sermons, all the lectures and advice from adults who care [like you]). who knows, maybe that girl isn't convinced right now, but down the road maybe she'll hear it from other people, and she'll remember what you said. with multiple influences telling her to save it, maybe she'll finally get the point. keep up the great work, amy. you rock.
love ya, girl