Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Thoughts on Worship

I've vented about this a while ago. But a couple of really interesting entries on my friend Morty's blog got me going/thinking again. Stop on over to his site, www.joshmorton.com, and read the January 19 "Spring Summit" entry, then check out his latest thoughts, "On Worship." To entice you, here's a provocative excerpt:

"He counted six themes we both consider critical in our salvation, and here are the number of times specific words mentioned these themes: sin: 1 (and the word sin wasn't even the word); Jesus: 6; justification/salvation: 1; Heaven: 0; grace: 2; cross: 4 (the words "died upon that tree" four times, never actually the word "cross"); glory: 10.
Other common words:love: 27 (always in the "I love you"/Jesus is my boyfriend way, never in the 'God loves us' way); worship: 21.
Now here's the kicker. We sang the words "I," "me," or "my" 181 times."

(If you're interested in more of my perspective--though Josh sums it up quite nicely--you can read my thoughts here.)

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