Thursday, February 03, 2005

Wedding Planning, Schmedding Planning

Really, is it any wonder I hate wedding planning? Drama, drama, drama, every step of the way...

First we couldn't find a church. Mine and Steve's are both too small; some churches won't let non-members use them; others will, but will charge you an arm and a leg; others will, but won't let you use your own pastor.

Then, after much indecision, it was time to set the date. We did, and then the photographer wasn't available that day. More research, more indecision and frustration, finally end up changing the date.

Next, I need to find a dress. So I go shopping three times, six stores, 50 dresses. Finally find The Dress. And it's set to be discontinued December 31--thankfully I got it ordered just in time.

Tonight was an appointment with a graphic designer who does custom invitations. See, my problem is, I'm too picky for what's in the standard albums, too cheap to have them custom designed, and don't have time or desire to do it myself. But I had finally decided that I would try to see if this designer can work within a budget, and had also realized that I am paying not just for pieces of paper but for my own sanity. Worth much $$ at this point.

So we (my mom and I) drive an hour today for a 4:30 appointment with this girl. And she's not there. Turns out she wrote down FRIDAY at 4:30. Definitely her mistake--I have it in writing (from her via email) that it was supposed to be today. So we show up, and no Heather. Are you kidding me?

If anyone wonders why I am less than enthusiastic about all these wedding details, now you know why. Is it any wonder? Every step has been a frustrating headache, not fun and exciting. BLAH!! Why didn't we take my dad up on his offer to pay us to elope?!?!

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