Monday, March 14, 2005

Don't Invite Yourself?

When you were little, did your mom ever tell you, "Don't invite yourself over to your friend's house!" I know mine did. Yet I had to laugh because that's what I did this weekend, and it was fabulous :)

One of my best friends in the world, Jill Graham, lives almost three hours away from me, so I don't get to see her all that often. Whenever I'm going to be in her area, as I am every few months or so (for one, I pass right by if I'm going down to visit Steve), I usually call her and see if I can visit. She and her husband have an extra guest bedroom, so it's easy for me to stay there--and I always end up inviting myself because Jill has no idea when I'll be in the area.

Sometimes I feel kind of funny calling/emailing her and being like, "Hey Jill, I'm coming to Dayton, do you have plans? Can I come stay with you?" But we always have such a good time and it works out so well--these God-appointments where she just happens to be free, and not only is she always a blessing to me, but I get to bless her too. I'm just glad she's hospitable! :)

I stayed with Jill Saturday night and she took me out for an early birthday present to Bravo, just the two of us! Whoo hoo! It is my favorite restaurant...I have to go out on a limb and say I think it is better Italian than Olive Garden...Jill and I eat there pretty much every time I visit :) She is such a wonderful woman of God and I had a great time...I am so thankful for her friendship and blessed by her!! Who says inviting yourself over can't be a great thing??

Jill and me with her adorable cocker spaniel, Libby.
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