Monday, March 14, 2005

Eyesore with Redeeming Qualities?

I pass this giant statue of Jesus' torso on my way down to see Steve on I-75. It's really gaudy...makes you wonder, "what were they thinking?!" (Unfortunately I don't have a photo to post here) Just ran across this little snippet from Charisma magazine about it...interesting...

It's made out of fiberglass and styrofoam and stands 42' high--but like I said, it's just the torso--his legs are apparently underground. Weird. Here's an excerpt from a random blog:

The church says "One of the reasons Solid Rock exists is to let people know that God loves them. What greater symbol than the King of Kings for people who drive by and see it there's hope? Whatever circumstances they're in, they'll see that there's hope for them...We want them to see it as they're passing and it bring thoughts of comfort just as they're passing" The State police, on the other hand, encourage motorists not to look at it, as they worry about rubberneckers causing accidents as they pay homage at 65 miles per hour.

I know this is old news, was just thinking about it this weekend and then when I randomly ran across this stuff online, thought I'd post.

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