Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Tonight I drove to Fort Wayne to see my Roommate (we still call each other that even though we haven't lived together for two years!) direct her 4th and 6th grade students' musical, Shortstops. I am so glad I went! First, it was fun to spend some time with Stephanie (we had dinner together beforehand). But I loved the show. I sat in the front row with this goofy grin on my face because I just thought the whole thing was so cute...I laughed really loud at all the funny lines and songs...it was absolutely precious. You could tell the kids and Stephanie had worked so hard and they did such a wonderful job--I was so impressed!! They sounded great, the choreography was fantastic, the kids did great on their lines and solos...It was so much fun to see Steph in her element as a music teacher. She's so good at it and you can tell the kids are having fun and just love "Miss Longbrake." I just felt really proud of her!

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