Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Epilogue: Wedding Drama

The original plan was that I was going to get to pick up our wedding album this weekend while we were home. The fact that I arrived home empty-handed was only a fitting ending to the drama that surrounded all wedding plans last year. I swear, it really was/is like Murphy's Law for Amy's Wedding: "If it's for the wedding, something will go wrong."

I got an email from our photographer late last week saying that she was extremely sorry, but that there had been some problems submitting the files to the lab and she doubted the album would be in by Tuesday. No problem--it happens. I wasn't upset or anything. So when she called Tuesday afternoon before we left and told me it was in, I was surprised and excited. She said she hadn't yet checked it for errors; she'd picked up the phone to call me as soon as the UPS shipment arrived, but she figured I'd want to see it anyway, even if there was some mistake in it.

When I arrived at the studio, I was greeted with a frown. She had discovered mistakes (the lab's, not hers) on at least 11 pages of the 32-page album. It was horrible. Apparently the lab has no quality control and does not even bother to do a surface inspection of the albums that they send out. Ridiculous! She said she had never had a wedding album have this many mistakes. Of course it would be mine. Murphy's Law for Amy's Wedding, remember?

Other than the mistakes, the album was beautiful overall. But it has to be sent back and the lab will have to redo the entire thing. I just had to laugh--after the constant drama of wedding planning (which I blogged about here, here, and here before finally getting some perspective and sharing it here), it would only seem fitting that the entire process would conclude with another minor snafu.

But I really can't complain. It all (at least most of it) worked out in the end. And now the stress is over and I'm happily married!

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Aeron said...

oh's true, it was a great conclusion to the whole big story...
I miss you so very much, and am praying for you as I write are such an amazing woman of God! :) Happy New Year! :)