Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Irony

For the last several days I've felt like I had nothing to write about. Now today I have something to write about...and no time to write. I've been scurrying around all morning getting ready to go home and have run out of time to blog as I intended. Perhaps I'll update from home this weekend...but no promises. For now, have a merry Christmas, all!


Eric S. said...

I can sympathize with that!

I have to congratulate you on this post. I've seen plenty of blogs posting about how they have nothing to post about. But, a post on having something to post but no time to do it is a fresh breeze of originality. I wouldn't be surprised if it catches on.

Kayla said...

I was really starting to worry about you. Glad you know you are alive and well! Have a safe trip home and back, and enjoy the family time.

rebekah said...

great chat wednesday!
have a good time with your family!!!

tonymyles said...

Merry Christmas!