Thursday, June 29, 2006

Birdwatch: Empty Nest

Never thought I'd experience the sadness of an empty nest at age twenty-four :)

I didn't expect the last little birdie to leave the nest so soon. Came to the computer to post the previous pictures, and when I went back out to the living room, I saw that he was gone. I think I saw him hop around the corner of the building, but my camera doesn't have enough zoom for a good picture. He had to grow up fast--the last egg didn't hatch until two weeks ago tomorrow, so he didn't get the full two weeks that his siblings did. At any rate, our little nest is empty again and I'm going to miss watching the robins!

For now, they haven't gone far. I can hear them chirping incessantly outside the window, and just a minute ago I saw one hopping around in the landscaping. But they're mostly grown up and what are we left with? An empty nest, a pathetic-looking tomato plant and a balcony covered with bird poop. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted :)

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tonymyles said...

We have one in a hanging basket in front of our door. Whenever we enter the mom freaks out so we have to use the backdoor.