Monday, July 31, 2006

Checking In From Across Town

So...we're all moved. The apartment is empty except for some cleaning supplies (still finishing up there...the cleaner it is, the more money we get back) and the house is CRAMMED FULL of boxes. I feel a little dismayed/overwhelmed every time I look around. Just got our internet service transferred, so I'm taking a quick break and trying to forget about the mess over my shoulder.

I think for some reason moving brings out the worst in me. Just when I think I have grown a whole lot in a year, it merely takes a move to pull all the "yuck" in my heart up to the surface. It's pretty ugly. I'm not dealing with it so well.

Anyway, blogging will probably continue to be slow for the next couple of weeks as I try to get settled in.

UPDATE: One of my favorite-bloggers-I’ve-never-met, Carolyn McCulley, has a great article about this over at Boundless this week. She does a great job of digging deeper and revealing the truth about times like this: It isn’t that moving made me sinful; it’s that moving applied the pressure that revealed “the sin within.” Check it out.


Anonymous said...

It was amazing to me, after we'd moved into our house from our apartment, how quickly our house filled up when I unpacked. Moving brings out the "yuck" in my heart too. I don't know why I have such a hard time relying on God in such situations!

Anonymous said...

I'll pray for y'all! =)

Jackie said...

hmm the "yuck" in your heart .. I like that phrase! I'll have to use that! Anyway I'll be praying for you guys! HAHA Project Respect Staff traning on Friday is going to bring up the "yuck" in my heart .. this is for sure! I wish that people would just stay ... sheesh see what you started! LOL JUST KIDDING! :-)Anyway, I'll pray for you (I already said that!) and I'll quit rambling! Talk to you later!


Amanda said...

Don't worry, the boxes just look big because everything that was once in your cabinets & cupboards is out in the open!

The pile will suddenly get smaller, I promise.

Deb said...

just wanted to let you know I stopped by.

Jules said...

I can't wait to see your new house in person!

Amy said...

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