Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Tag Party

Just for fun, a little Christmas meme from Kat...

Favorite Christmas movie:
You know, I've never gotten into Christmas movies. I don't dislike them...I've just never really made the effort to watch the classic old ones. I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life...I've seen parts of A Christmas Story, but not the whole that un-American? I remember loving Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman on TV every year when I was younger, but I haven't seen either in years.

Favorite Christmas song:
Several from this year's new CD have become fast favorites. Otherwise, I do love David Phelps' song "Joy, Joy"--his whole Christmas CD by that name is just stellar.

Favorite Christmas cookie:
Every year my family does the slice-n-bake Pillsbury sugar cookies, with lots of frosting and decorations. Completely fake--my husband rolls his eyes that all my cousins would rather have these than homemade sugar cookies--but I love them because they're a tradition with lots of memories. And they are addicting, especially the ones with lots of red hots.

Favorite Christmas gift ever received:
I have been blessed to receive many wonderful gifts over the years...the most memorable that stands out right away is the bathrobe and slippers I got from Steve and our best friend Kaleb several years ago (long before Steve and I were dating). The three of us were inseparable and decided to buy each other Christmas presents...they found out I wanted a robe and so ventured to the mall to find one. The image of my two best guy friends standing in the middle of the JCPenney sleepwear department, completely bewildered--that made it a precious gift.

Least favorite thing about Christmas:
Zooey traffic and shopping malls--all the commercialization.

Where would your perfect Christmas be:
With family (and snow falling outside).

Favorite part of Christmas:
Singing "Silent Night" by candlelight at a church Christmas Eve service--remembering WHY we're celebrating and reflecting on the miracle of the Incarnation, the God who became man to draw me to Himself.

Favorite Christmas decoration you own:
We don't really have a ton of decorations yet. I like ornaments with stories behind them. My favorite growing up was a December advent calendar with pockets for each day, and you moved a little mouse (eek! this was before my phobia began) to the next pocket each day. My brother and I always fought over who got to move it. We had to decide at the beginning that one would get even days and the other would get odd days.

When do you put up the tree?:
As soon as we get it in early December.

Do you wear "holiday" sweaters/sweatshirts/t shirts?:
You mean like with wreaths or appliques and stuff? Um, no. Yikes. Though in middle school I had a t-shirt with a Far Side cartoon on it (I just did a Google search but couldn't find it)--it had a picture of Rudolph standing in front of a wall with eight mounted reindeer heads and the caption said, "All of the other reindeer USED to laugh and call him names."

I won't tag anyone specifically, but feel free to join in and comment below if you did.


Slartibartfast said...

Here's mine:

It's all about meme.

I actually added a question, I hope that isn't considered in bad taste.

Amanda said...

I love that Far Side cartoon!

Kelly said...


I think I (still) have that same mouse calendar. Was it mostly green with Santa & Mrs. Clause in the picture?

Love it.

One of the perks of being an only child... I always got to move the mouse. :)

I hope you had a very special Christmas.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

thinking of you... :) you are amazing to me!!