Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On the Bright Side

My car wouldn't start yesterday. I was out of town with Elijah for some Christmas shopping and his four-month well-baby checkup (he's doing great--can you believe he's four months old?!); after our second stop, we got back in the car and the engine wouldn't even turn over. Yet in spite of the inconvenience it was not at all a ruined day.

~I am thankful that a nice woman in the parking lot at JoAnn noticed I was having problems and offered to jump-start my car (and that it worked).

~I'm thankful that of all the days for this to happen, it was yesterday, when it was 75 degrees and sunny.

~I'm thankful that Elijah was in a great mood yesterday and didn't spend the time sitting in his carseat screaming.

~I'm thankful that the pediatrician is walking distance from the mall--so I was able to park at the mall, walk to his appointment, walk back and do some shopping before getting my car jumped again and going home.

~I'm thankful for my Moby Wrap, so I could wear him while doing all this and not have to lug a huge, awkward carseat around.

~I'm thankful I had a good excuse/motivation to get some fresh air and exercise!

~I'm thankful that we made it safely home.

Most of all, I'm thankful that God gave me eyes to see all these blessings at the time, not just looking back. He enabled me to be thankful in the moment, rather than getting frustrated and angry and bitter. It was only by His grace that I was able to make the best of the situation and choose to see the bright side!

And I'm thankful for a handy husband who was able to diagnose and fix the problem himself...and that the car is now running again :)


Anonymous said...

Glad getting jumped allowed you to get home okay!

Your wrap sounds cool; if I ever have one child at a time, I'm looking forward to trying one out. With two, I pretty much have to always use my stroller.

Jules said...

FOUR months...time is flying.

Now that I can use the ergo without the infant insert I use it ALL the time. I get so much more done!

Anonymous said...

i don't know you - but just looking at your blog made me smile realizng how thankful you are for all the things God has blessed you with. So today I am thankful for you! Bless you