Saturday, December 01, 2007

Surfin' Saturday: Long Distance Photo Sharing

For those of you with family or friends far away--let me pass along a photo-sharing recommendation. We're using Hello, a free download from Google/Picasa. (Does Google own the world? Oh, how I wish I would have invested in their stock about five years or so ago...) It enables me to send pictures to my mom and they pop up on her screen immediately if she's logged in. Much better than huge, time-consuming email attachments. And then, she has hi-res versions automatically saved on her computer so she can print them if she wants to. (Ha..."if she wants to"...not that she has a grandma brag book she carries with her at all times or anything :)

Not only that, but Hello has instant messaging, so if we're on the computer at the same time, we can comment back and forth about pictures (I can even see which one she's looking at). Bonus: It's integrated with Picasa, a helpful (and also free) photo organizing/editing program, making viewing/tweaking/sharing your pics even easier.

I highly recommend Hello for those of you with kids and parents/in-laws who live far away! (And if you sign up, add me as a friend--it's "schmamy," of course.)

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