Sunday, January 06, 2008

Confidence for Change

Since we were still in Ohio with our families over New Year's Day, I haven't yet had a chance to really sit down and think through some goals for 2008. I hope to do so in the next week or so, and perhaps even blog about it. Meanwhile, I've been reading all sorts of helpful and encouraging thoughts about resolutions and change, on blogs and elsewhere:

The Girltalkers suggest whittling your resolution list down to just one.

The Metro Moms are considering the first button and reminding us of God's power for change. (I especially like this quote from them: "We're not making 'resolutions' this year. We're declaring that our God is at work in us and that He will help us as we trust and lean on Him for change!")

Finally, I read this powerful passage in Love to Eat, Hate to Eat, a new book I'm excited to dig into this year:

God is so confident in His awesome power that as He sovereignly rules and overrules in your life, He knows He will accomplish the inconceivable task of recreating you to be like Christ.

He wants you to share in His confidence. He wants you to grasp the truth that He will accomplish His purpose in you. This is important because you are involved in a battle between faith and unbelief. When I look at my own life, the way that I consistently struggle with sin, I wonder if I will ever really change. I wonder if I will ever, in the innermost essence of who I am, be changed into His image. If all I had to look at was my own weak struggle, I too would be filled with unbelief. How can it be that He will change me? But I have something more than my own life to look at. I have Him. I have His Word. He tells me that He is working to accomplish His goal in my life, and even though everything in my experience wants to laugh (like Sarah in the Old Testament did) at His promise, I flee to Him in faith and in His astonishing power to transform. God wants us to have confidence in Him because without it, we would just give up in despair and discouragement. You can trust His Word."

I feel like I need to reread that quote every day as I seek to trust God to change me in 2008!


Bethany said...

Love that book I was just telling Christina from A Walk In My Garden that I needed to pull that book out to read again.

PS Elyse has some great messages online you can listen too also. She is a wonderful writer and speaker.

Amy said...

Ooh, thanks for the heads up! I just googled and found a treasure trove of women's audio messages from KingsWay Community Church--a few from Elyse plus a ton more. Sweet!

(Here's the link, for anyone interested)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that quote. That's what I"m talking about!Confidence in God-talk!