Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blah...and Some Link Love

I hate neglecting the blog...but I'm feeling so uninspired lately. I've had writer's block, it seems, ever since I finished the motherhood series. Thanks for reading and checking back anyway...I'll try to kick it in gear next week. Meanwhile, if you're so inclined, you can check out a few posts I've found interesting/worthwhile this week:

Beautiful Simplicity
Yesterday We Lost a Member of Our Church Family
Peer Pressure
Twitter Dot Dash


Sarah D. said...

Excellent links! Thank you! =)

[I know what you mean about "blah". I'd much rather being doing something other than sitting at the computer, the last few weeks.]

zo said...

The mother of little Matt, who blogged about her selfishness so candidly, coudln't have said it better about mothering with some reward in mind. I am so sad for them. What courage to suffer without earthly rewards, only heartache day after day. It does make a mom rejoice when her baby smiles back. It will be all the more glorious when Matt smiles at her in heaven!

Jennifer said...

Whenever you're ready, Amy. (And maybe start with something a bit neutral to get started again after the pouring out of the earlier posts. They are draining and it's hard to put in 'ordinary' things after something so personal and, well, big.)

We'll be here when you're ready. :)

jennymarie1981 said...

Hey thanks for the link love.
I appreciate your thoughtful posts whenever they come.
My internet had been down for the past few weeks and I truly believe that sometimes a break does me so much more good than plowing through the strained times.