Monday, December 14, 2009

Multitude Monday, Take 142 (sort of)

Don't for a moment think that because I have missed the last two Thankful Thursdays, I am not feeling very grateful lately. Quite the heart is full to overflowing with gratitude for the gifts, great and small, that God has been pouring out into my life the last few weeks. Since I did miss Thursday again, though, this seems a perfect opportunity to switch to Mondays for gratitude lists.

One of my favorite bloggers, Ann Voskamp, has been counting gifts for years now, and she has a whole Gratitude Community over at Holy Experience. She and the other bloggers pause to count their blessings on Mondays, and so I think I'll join them, and begin each week by remembering the gifts that come from the hand of my Father, the generous, wise and loving Giver of all good gifts. I think I'll also, like Ann, begin actually counting--and start at 101, after the mega-Thanksgiving list. (Anyone know how to edit numbered list HTML code so I don't have to manually add the numbers???)

This week, I'm especially thanking Him for...
101. our church family
102. our wonderful Christmas celebration yesterday afternoon
103. the capacity to memorize
104. Milton Vincent's Gospel Primer for Christians
105. Ann Kroeker's Mega Memory Month challenge that inspired me to memorize
Vincent's gospel narrative
106. the opportunity to share these gifts with my church family
107. causing my heart to be overcome with amazement and wonder at the glorious
gospel of grace
108. last night's Christmas program at our old church and the opportunity to see "old" friends
109. Friday's dinner and movie with fun friends
110. date night with Steve and some friends on Saturday
111. the sweet girls who watched Elijah for us and were a delight to have in our home overnight Saturday/Sunday
112. 60-degree sunshine today, perfect for a walk and an hour at the playground
113. the thrill of the mailbox this time of year
114. cheap organic apples
115. not one but TWO fun playdates last week
116. girl time shopping with a friend last Thursday
117. cinnamon dolce latte
118. experiencing so much mercy and grace from Christ that I can hardly begin to recount it all

Friends, I have so much to praise God for--His temporary gifts, and above all these, His Son, given as the ultimate Gift to reconcile us to Himself. Join me and the rest of the Gratitude Community in remembering and counting?

holy experience

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful list of gratitude. It's more than words put together on paper in list's life changing. Thank you for sharing :)