Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Multitude of Blessings: Christmas 2009

Whew! My apologies for that little blog-hiatus. We were in Ohio for Christmas, and the schedule was very full. I didn't manage to get a "Multitude Monday" post up this week, as we were driving home that day, but I scribbled several pages of gifts in my journal while we were gone. Multitudes of reasons for gratitude, indeed:

135. safe travel home and back

136. families we enjoy spending time with

137. holiday goodies--Rolo pretzel candies, Mexican wedding cakes, cinnamon rolls, monkey bread, sugar cookies with red hots, honeybaked ham, etc., etc., etc...(perhaps also thankful that the battery in our bathroom scale is dead...?)

138. the generosity of our families

139. the means to give gifts

140. matching PJs on Christmas morning for Elijah and his cousin, Olivia
141. the delight of seeing Olivia in the tutu I made for her
142. my patient husband's willingness to help with the tutu
143. girl time with my two best friends from high school

144. lunch with two more high school friends

145. an afternoon catching up with my college roommate

146. dinner with a dear college friend
147. her baby boy's gummy smiles, so easy to coax :)

148. coffee with another dear college friend

149. being reminded of all the beautiful women God has placed in my life

150. John Piper's Advent poems...this year I listened to the Elijah poems and was moved nearly to tears, several times

151. movie date with my hot hubby
152. free babysitters...gotta love extended time with the grandparents

153. Elijah's enjoyment of my brother's puppy, Chief (the enjoyment was mutual)

154. grins and giggles from my little man
155. Elijah's delight in passing out gifts when we exchanged with my family

156. the ridiculous cuteness of Elijah's Christmas outfit

157. games of Ma Jiang, Settlers of Catan, Catchphrase, Telephone Pictionary
158. the God who became man to rescue us
159. Emmanuel, God WITH us
160. home sweet home after a long trip

Merry Christmas from the Kannel Family!


zo said...

Welcome home. Lovely wrap-up of blessings. Sounds like you were really refreshed by all that girl-time. Elijah's outfit is adorable and I love the monkey PJs. Sweet family photo. Love to you all and thanks for the card you sent!

Anna said...

That is a great Christmas summary in gratitude... Elijah looks adorable. Where are you visiting in Ohio? That's where I'm from. :)

Rebecca said...

Sweet list!

Sweet pictures!

So glad you're back. I missed you and your lovely posts.

Amy said...

@Anna: the extreme NW corner of the state, right off the turnpike. where are you from?

litabug said...

The monkey PJs, the tutu, the train vests, and that adorable wrinkly-nose grin...This is way too much cuteness to process all at once! :D