Monday, April 12, 2010

A Fight to See

Amazingly enough, I actually *did* do a little writing last week besides gratitude lists and the Simple Woman's Daybook. I just didn't do it here. Sweet Anna from Hope Road, who's a new mom as of February, asked me to write a guest post on motherhood for her blog. I've never been a guest blogger before! And I hardly feel I have anything worthwhile to say on motherhood; most days I feel more desperate, inadequate and unqualified than anything else. (It at least makes me feel a little better than even Ann has days when she feels her mothering license should be revoked!).

Anyway, not having been a mama very long myself, I don't have a whole lot of wisdom to offer, but I was honored to share a little of what I'm learning with Anna's readers:

It was fitting, perhaps, that I was on a walk with my toddler earlier this week when I was gently reminded of how to faithfully walk out the calling of motherhood. I was listening to a podcast (completely unrelated to parenting) in which the speaker noted that faith is the opposite of three things: sight, fear, and doubt. Of course, this isn't earth-shattering; I know the familiar verse, “we walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Cor. 5:7)--but I was struck by his first point, the direct way he phrased the definition: “Faith is the opposite of sight.”

The more I grow as a mother, the more convinced I am that motherhood is a fight to see: a fight to close my physical eyes and and view my life and my son with eyes of faith. Faith means trusting not what I see in front of me, and not what my emotions loudly proclaim, but what God says is true about Himself, about me, and about my circumstances.
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LeAnna said...

I really enjoyed your post at Anna's, and it was a much needed read today. I've enjoyed reading your blog, and going back through your posts on living a Cross centered life. This really intrigues me, because our family has recently left the modern church due to the lack of Biblical teaching of the cross of Christ, and we are gleaning much from a ministry through radio and internet, that teaches from a Christ and the cross perspective. Amazingly, it's not a new message, Paul preached Christ and Him crucified and warned that any other teaching is another gospel. Yet it amazes me how far the modern church has strayed from that mentality. It's through our faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ that we are saved, and not of works! Sorry to ramble, I just don't know a lot of younger people (especially couples with families!) who speak of this.

Kelly said...

This was SOOOOO beautiful!