Monday, April 12, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 155

Thanking God this week for..

423. a freshly mowed yard
424. the fact that Elijah only has to go to the dentist twice a year
425. no cavities
426. the gift of literacy
427. imagination and stories

428. endless quantities of books accessible to me
429. prayer time with other moms
430. my good old Toyota Camry
431. maps on the internet
432. opportunity to shop at Costco with a friend

433. Elijah's delight in seeing Llama Llama Red Pajama at the downtown library
434. ducks and flowers at Centennial Park
435. grace to preach to myself
436. His extravagant promises
437. the gift of writing

438. the smell of Steve's freshly-ground coffee
439. my new ESV thinline Bible
440. birthday money to buy it
441. fast, free shipping from Amazon
442. coupons, coupons everywhere

443. dinner out with girlfriends
444. Steve giving Elijah a haircut and bath while I was gone
445. lots of time outside in the sunshine
446. three loads of laundry dried on the line for free
447. opportunities for Steve to help others and have guy-time

448. fellowship with friends last night
449. reminders that He is bigger and more generous than we tend to think

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You're almost halfway to 1,000! :)