Monday, April 25, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 201

Thanking God this week for...

1553. Christ is risen!
1554. because He lives, I also will live
1555. little girls at church in matching Easter dresses
1556. a friend's baby girl shrieking excitedly at Jude (they were born less than 24 hours apart!)
1557. the opportunity to get to know a new family at church

1558. twelve delightful people around our dinner table last night
1559. first peonies blooming
1560. felt food picnic
1561. sustaining my grandmother after she had a stroke last weekend
1562. sustaining my dad through minor surgery this morning

1563. homemade almond butter
1564. husband's boyish grin
1565. Jude waking up all smiles
1566. a family outing at the zoo, thanks to...
1567. Steve having the day off Friday

1568. Elijah standing on one leg like a flamingo
1569. Jude, my little screeching monkey
1570. a growing ability to improvise in the kitchen (thrown-together fajita seasoning turned out yummy, if I do say so myself!)
1571. bringing beauty from ashes
1572. sending Jesus to drink the cup of His wrath

1573. justice and mercy perfectly coexisting
1574. fantastic new lip balm
1575. reminders of His power
1576. orange + pineapple juice
1577. a basement to hide in when the tornado sirens go off

1578. access to good breastfeeding information
1579. a sweet woman from church here last week for a little babysitting, a little fellowship, and a little antiquing :)
1580. the exercise challenge that kept me diligently working out for the last three months
1581. perfectly planning each step of my journey over the last 29 years


Zoanna said...

#1581 God or you ? :)
The flamingo thing cracked me up. 12 ppl for dinner, I'm a bit envious.
We didn't do a darn thing besides go to church this Easter. Well, I got to hear my son preach at Good Friday and that was a blessing beyond words.

Amy said...

Zo, what do you think? it's a continuation of the sentence at the beginning: "thanking God for...perfectly planning" ...since definitely I've had plenty of plans but would NOT have always arranged them the way He has :)

I should post a picture of E - I was in a hurry last night. and the 12 people included my was less about any kind of Easter dinner (we actually had vegetable soup, not Easter-y at all) and more about just getting back into the groove of practicing hospitality and wanting to get to know a new family at church, when it just happened to be Easter. still totally fun though. how neat to hear Stephen preach!

Danielle said...

Good for you consistently working out consistently. I've not done so since Sophia's birth. Still trying to figure that out. My SI joint has continued to be a problem. I did yoga for a while and that's helped. Thankfully the yoga instructor has taught me how to tell objectively not only how to tell when I'm "out" but how to put myself back "in" without having to go to PT everytime. This has been revolutionary! :) But I really have to start strength training my core again. I'm thinking lots of Pilates may be in my future.

Bethany said...

Oh I want to try that lip balm.