Monday, September 12, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 220

Thanking God this week for...

2127. a visit from Steve's parents
2128. all the work Steve and his dad got done on the house
2129. antique shopping with my mother-in-law
2130. my new collection of blue and green glass
2131. windows open, breezes blowing

2132. 20+ pounds of fresh peaches that are, as Jessie Rae would say, STUPID good!
2133. greater peace, a more settled heart
2134. the million little ways my MIL served us while she was here
2135. the eggs our chickens have started laying!
2136. zero-VOC paint

2137. a long-overdue phone call with a dear friend
2138. sweater and flip-flops weather
2139. a friend's example of preaching to herself and fighting to trust
2140. insightful parenting books
2141. washable markers

2142. peach desserts
2143. grace to be calm and patient
2144. Elijah holding doors open for me
2145. deep conversations
2146. the opportunity to participate in the KidTalk study

2147. His sovereign control over all events
2148. miniature shopping carts at Trader Joe's
2149. dinner with a guy Steve works with--who just moved in a few blocks from us
2150. last weekend's company picnic
2151. kiddy rides that Elijah loved

2152. Jude's gleeful giggles over fried chicken
2153. ice cream cones
2154. Elijah's question upon seeing the Nashville skyline: "Did Daddy build it?"
2155. a lovely afternoon spent with friends
2156. their countless examples of joyful servanthood


Zoanna said...

"Did Daddy build it?" Wow! That kids knows his father is talented !!

Laura said...

Insighful parenting books, eh? Which ones? :)