Monday, September 26, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 221

What happened to this blog? Why have I not been writing for the last several weeks? Sigh...

In the meantime, I always have plenty of things to be thankful for, if only I will open my eyes and choose gratitude over grumbling. Thanking God this week for...

2157. a long-overdue haircut
2158. two hours at Starbucks alone
2159. the parenting journey God has me on, with all of its messiness
2160. grace to function on way too little sleep
2161. a long-overdue visit with dear friends

2162. having visited them often enough to have traditions
2163. Steve portraying the gospel in how he serves me when I am weak
2164. famous homemade pepperoni rolls
2165. lots and lots of thoughtful and interesting discussions
2166. our friends' three adorable kiddos, and the privilege of watching them grow up over the last eight years

2167. Settlers of Catan
2168. the boys' excitement when Daddy comes home
2169. Jude's white-blond hair curling right above his ear
2170. a good excuse to try out this decadent cake
2171. grace to keep my mouth shut

2172. flock of birds doing a crazy, beautiful synchronized dance in the sky
2173. a long traffic light so we got to stand and watch them while waiting to cross the street
2174. finding my lost iPod
2175. great finds at a local school's annual used book sale
2176. time with friends

2177. our pastor's Sunday school lesson on Romans 8 yesterday:
2178. being FOR me
2179. not sparing His own Son
2180. giving me all things
2181. declaring me justififed

2182. raising Christ from the dead
2183. His love, from which NOTHING can separate me
2184. making me MORE than a conqueror


Danielle said...

I've been wanting to make that cake for a while.

And 2 hours alone at Starbucks, bliss!

Amy said...

that cake was ridiculous. she's right about serving it "in the thinnest slices possible." also, if you ever make it, I left out a whole cup of sugar in the PB frosting. it *definitely* was not missed. and you probably only need about 1/2 the chocolate glaze it calls for! even with all that, it STILL could use a higher ratio of cake to frosting...but it was really good.

also, the batter is SO thin, do not attempt to make it in a springform pan because you only have two regular cake pans. ask me how I know.