Monday, January 23, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 233

"And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace" (John 1:16).

The fact that I have breath, that I woke up today, that I am not suffering eternally for my rebellion and idolatry--pure grace. The countless, endless gifts He gives me instead--material and intangible, great and small, people, things, experiences, fleeting and lasting--all undeserved blessings from God's generous hand, from His full-to-overflowing goodness and glorious grace.

Thanking Him today for...

2606. grace to stay on track with my Bible reading plan
2607. Elijah helping me bake cookies
2608. Qdoba, courtesy of a Christmas gift card
2609. a new-to-us couch
2610. someone from Freecycle hauling away our old couch

2611. rechargeable batteries
2612. kitchen timers
2613. bandaids
2614. dinner and prayer with dear friends
2615. clean sinks and toilets and bathtubs

2616. clothes hamper filled with board books, courtesy of Jude
2617. grilled cheese and tomato soup
2618. photos a friend took--usually I am behind the camera, so it is fun to have some of me *with* the boys!

2619. the fact that my hair grows fast
2620. a visit from my parents

2621. their babysitting so Steve and I could go on a date
2622. time for uninterrupted conversation with Steve
2623. Jude asking to be read to
2624. Pops reading to Jude

2625. Grammy reading to Elijah

2626. a fridge full of leftovers
2627. tornado sirens we can easily hear
2628. a basement in which we can take shelter
2629. flashlights
2630. His protection in the storms last night

2631. our power didn't stay out very long
2632. His protection, shelter and refuge in metaphorical storms
2633. His unlimited power

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Danielle said...

WHat a great picture! I hope you frame it and put it somewhere where you'll see it often. :)