Monday, April 29, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 281

I am really out of practice around here! A Monday out of town plus a Monday spent catching up from being out of town means it's a while since I've counted gifts on the blog. Further, I was out of sorts and not using my book all last week--and it showed. I don't know if I had a crummy week because I wasn't counting and preaching to myself and staying organized with tasks, or if I was not doing all those things because I was in the doldrums; probably both, in a gross death spiral. At any rate, I was reminded of how much my visual journal contributes to my sanity and well-being, and how important it is to keep it out and open, constantly re-orienting myself throughout the day, as opposed to taking five minutes once a day to scribble a few gifts.

I've had much to be thankful for these past couple of weeks--most notably, a trip to Wisconsin for a women's retreat and some family time which I hope to blog about soon! Meanwhile, a few scattered gifts from the last several days--thanking God for...

4890. a walk on the greenway with a friend
4891. Jude and her little girl holding hands
4892. Jude pouting when his friend didn't want to hold his hand anymore

4893. Elijah zooming ahead of us on his balance bike, closer to putting pedals on
4894. blue sky with white clouds so puffy and perfectly spaced, it almost looked fake

4895. Jude giggling wildly when I gave him underdogs on the swins
4896. fresh strawberries
4897. dinner on our card table out on the back patio
4898. the men and women who fought to abolish slavery
4899. Jude asking me to sing "Sweet Baby Boy" to him

4900. evidence of His grace at work in a friend's heart
4901. time to catch up with another friend, long overdue
4902. boys watching This Old House with Daddy
4903. boys dancing and singing "Hakuna Matata"
4904. Steve reading to us from Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

4905. theology discussions with Steve
4906. Jude asking to listen to "Hey Jude" and then saying, "That's my song!"
4907. freedom to abandon mediocre books halfway through
4908. a dinner that looked like a disaster turning out surprisingly enjoyable
4909. Jude happily pounding down THREE small paleo "tacos"

4910. Steve building a raised bed for our front yard
4911. him taking the boys to Lowe's, helping them plant seeds

4912. tornado siren at 8:15PM, not in the middle of the night
4913. a safe, warm, dry house in the midst of torrential rains
4914. women being honest about not having had a good week

4915. purple toenails
4916. Elijah watching me paint them, fascinated, and commenting: "Maybe my wife will paint her toes."
4917. a righteousness I did not, could not earn
4918. His Spirit in me, gradually helping me become righteous in practice

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