Monday, April 01, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 280

Thanking God this past couple of weeks (what is my blogging problem?!) for...

4847. a lunch date/playdate with preschool friends
4848. great conversation with a new friend
4849. Elijah's cheerful obedience
4850. Elijah: "God helped me obey!"
4851. Jude riding his balance bike

4852. forsythia bushes blooming
4853. tiny green leaves on a weeping willow
4854. early morning prayer with a dear friend
4855. a friend letting me tag along to Costco
4856. time to chat with her while our kiddos happily munched pizza

4857. Jude having another poop explosion at home, not at Costco
4858. a visit from Steve's parents, brother and grandma
4859. guys fixing our roof
4860. Granny & Sue doing my dishes
4861. Jude playing with and hugging a little girl at church

4862. Steve making frosting and assembling my birthday cake
4863. in-laws babysitting while Steve and I went out on a date
4864. extended time for uninterrupted conversation
4865. freaking amaaaaaazing pizza at Mafiaoza's
4866. seats right across from the brick oven

4867. man twirling stretchy dough
4868. late night card games
4869. birthday cake on my grandmother's dessert plates
4870. Jude spontaneously singing to himself: "Jesus luf me..."
4871. grace when I am a jerk to my kids

4872. new summer outfits and sticker books, gifts from doting Grandma and Great Granny
4873. "snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes"
4874. a new pack of my favorite pens in 20 gorgeous colors from the sweet girl I'm mentoring!
4875. Elijah not throwing a fit when he had to miss his preschool Easter egg hunt and party
4876. boys acting fine in spite of having fevers and coughing a ton

4877. Steve's patience when I'm in a funk
4878. no cavities
4879. free review copies of new books that friends have published
4880. Steve letting Jude help with house projects

4881. a dear friend's hospitality and encouragement
4882. her example of intentionality and pursuing others
4883. another friend serving outside her comfort zone
4884. opportunities to serve and encourage
4885. maple frosted donuts from the Williams County Fair, courtesy of my in-laws' freezer

4886. Steve climbing and playing with the boys at the park
4887. time spent exploring muddy trails
4887. games of Busytown after supper
4888. reminders that it is not about me
4889. He is risen, indeed!

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Ali said...

Love, love, love the picture of Steve and Jude fixing the house together. So precious!