Monday, January 27, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 313

Thanking God this week for...

5913. strawberry butter on hot biscuits
5914. wedding chats and texting with my brother and his fiancée
5915. the way toasty-warm Jude snuggles into me in the mornings
5916. the last word He speaks over His people: "It is finished."
5917. a decluttered drawer

5918. much more advanced safety features in child seats and in cars than a few decades ago
5919. the fact that Elijah actually can help, not just "help," with chores now
5920. Wednesday night dinners and fellowship with friends
5921. soup for my freezer
5922. reading in bed

5923. coupons on my phone
5924. lunch and shopping with a friend at Costco
5925. baking with Jude
5926. used bookstores
5927. friends' little girl playing with the frosting on her first birthday cake

5928. this glorious modern hymn
5929. getting to sing it at our church yesterday
5930. holding the oceans in His hands
5931. holding me in His hand

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