Friday, January 17, 2014

The Stuff of Good Stories

There's a reason I don't write fiction. Ask my favorite writing professor from college, who once called my short story "flat," "tedious," "obvious" and "corny." If she'd been Southern, she definitely would have scrawled "Bless your heart" at the bottom.

That old anecdote, and my chronic inability to create believable characters, came to mind a few weeks ago as I was reading in the Old Testament and marveling at God as Master Storyteller. I am continually amazed at how these centuries-old stories virtually shout Jesus' name, if I have eyes to see it and ears to hear!

Shortly after that, I read Matthew 17 and Acts 17 back to back for my next Pick Your Portion assignment, and the repeated references to suffering brought my mind back to storytelling again. Click over to read my reflections on how God's story is infinitely better than the one I would write, because of the way He doesn't shy away from suffering like I do.

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