Monday, March 24, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 318

Thanking God this week for...

6017. birthday cards in the mail
6018. chile verde on St. Patrick's Day
6019. grace to apologize to Elijah after yelling
6020. voicemails and texts and other messages from dear friends on my birthday
6021. evidence I have grown--remembering that the world doesn't revolve around me on March 18, and being OK with doing normal stuff :)

6022. snuggles with Jude

6023. Elijah's affectionate compliments and kisses/hugs
6024. Pad Thai at Pei Wei
6025. Vanilla Coke, happy surprise
6026. all vomit contained in appropriate receptacles

6027. hilarious Jude-isms
6028. two healthy, strong boys who can ride bikes
6029. days getting longer
6030. a visit from my in-laws
6031. coconut birthday cake

6032. delicious blackberry and muscadine wines from Belle Meade Plantation
6033. a dear friend's kindness in babysitting while we toured with Steve's parents
6034. lunch at Mafiaoza's
6035. the boys' Sunday school teachers
6036. an increasingly diverse church, reflecting the diverse beauty of the Kingdom

6037. our adoption as His sons and daughters
6038. our inheritance conditioned on Jesus' obedience and worthiness

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