Monday, March 17, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 317

"The root of godlessness is thanklessness. Wickedness springs up in me — when I am thankless. 

There is Buchanan’s startling realization: “All the wickedness in the world begins with act of forgetting.” All the wickedness in the world begins with the act of forgetting — forgetting that God is enough, that what He gives is good enough, that there is always more than enough to give thanks for.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom — and the forgetting of the Lord is the beginning of all sin. Forget to give thanks — and Who you forget is God."

--Ann Voskamp, "The Real Root of Brokenness That We Forget to Talk About"

OY. How have I not done one of these for the better part of a month?? So very many gifts over the last few weeks, more than I've bothered to count. A few highlights to go back and note: thanking God for...

5982. putting me on an old friend's heart during a week when I needed prayer
5983. a divine appointment with a new friend
5984. the fact that she lives five minutes down the road from me!
5985. the way her love for Him challenged, convicted, encouraged and inspired me
5986. four hours of deep, real conversation

5987. grace to say no to my flesh
5988. an incredible weekend retreat with the woman who began as my mentor over a decade ago
5989. beautiful songs that exactly express my heart
5990. communion
5991. gracious confrontation and admonishment

5992. heartfelt repentance
5993. Jesus' blood that covers even my imperfect confession and inadequate repentance
5994. grace to surrender
5995. His patience when I am reluctant
5996. grace to own my mistakes but not berate myself

5997. husband serving, serving, serving
5998. snow day with *actual* snow, enough for sledding and snow ice cream!
5999. lunch with my parents, brother, and future sister-in-law
6000. Jude's first-ever visit all by himself at Grammy & Pops's house
6001. their spoiling him, and later his brother, rotten

6002. text updates and pics from my mom
6003. opportunities to practice resolving conflict
6004. one-on-one time with Elijah
6005. big squeezes from Jude
6006. Elijah's crazy excitement to take his turn and go home with Grammy and Pops

6007. what the Law could not do, God did!
6008. $3.99 flowers at Aldi
6009. five beautiful women around my table
6010. Elijah's crazy excited dance to see Mama and Jude again
6011. being able to trust my parents to use carseats correctly

6012. an afternoon with a dear friend who lives too far away
6013. our kids playing so well together
6014. boys unbelievably angelic on a day when I anticipated lots of issues
6015. the ability to stay in bed when sick, while Steve cared for me and the boys
6016. The Message

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