Monday, June 16, 2014

Gifts at the Beach (Multitude Monday, Take 325)

Last week we received too many gifts to recount here, in the midst of a family vacation to the beach! We joined my parents and some extended family for a few days on Hilton Head Island. It was the boys' first time to see the ocean (well, Elijah was there when he was 10 months old, but that didn't count as a vacation for anyone, trust me!) and we made so many wonderful memories. A few photos to illustrate the blessings...

6214. this view
6215. ripples on water and sand

6216. wave-jumping

6217. reunion with an old friend, and getting to meet her husband

6218. bike rides at low tide

6219. boogie boards

6220. sand play

6221. ice cream runs

6222. incredibly generous and loving grandparents

6223. a boat ride to see dolphins up close!

6224. walks on the beach, sand between our toes

6225. first light

6226. these incredible colors in the sky
6227. grace to get out of bed and not miss this beauty
6228. girls' outing with my mom and aunt
6229. family photo outtakes :)


Danielle said...

Wow, your hair has gotten so long again!

What beach did you go to?

Amy said...

yes, it has...I was going to get it cut last fall but couldn't get an appointment and then realized if I let it grow a little more I could donate again. it's long enough now but I don't want a super-short cut in the summer because I like to be able to put it up when it's I'll wait and chop this fall.

we went to Hilton Head Island--the North Forest Beach area.

Rita said...

Oh, my...those sunrises!! Breathtaking. And the dolphins. Wow.