Monday, June 02, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 324

Thanking God the past two weeks for...

6176. Elijah's quickness to tell me about a "bad day" he had at school
6177. the fact that he didn't return evil for evil
6178. an opportunity to teach and encourage
6179. Elijah's hard work this year and his receiving several awards
6180. his joy over tiny trophies

6181. Christians who speak out on behalf of sexual abuse victims, who fight for the weak and oppressed
6182. His perfect justice and the guarantee that one day all wrongs will be made right
6183. weightlifting with Steve
6184. not seeing fit to make me born into the royal family of Britain--as appealing as aspects of it may seem, I'm sure it would be terrible for my heart
6185. this adorable photo, one of my favorite-ever pics of my firstborn

6186. moments of clarity about how soon this will be the real thing

6187. Jude doing so well through two long and boring programs past bedtime in one week
6188. Elijah: "Mom, I like to hold your hand!"
6189. the first of our rewards from the best Kickstarter campaign ever
6190. His mercy in making the first few days of summer go smoothly despite my lack of a plan
6191. a playdate at the park with a new friend and her handsome boys

6192. dinner with friends
6193. perfectly grilled porkchops
6194. boys watching This Old House with Daddy
6195. Ligon Duncan's powerful sermon on Numbers 5
6196. our friends' baby boy's adorable fauxhawk

6197. uncontrollable, tears-streaming, belly-aching giggles
6198. veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms I enjoy
6199. finally finding all the words (or making them) for a quote for the cover of my new journal
6200. bathroom windowpanes finally covered in privacy film = no more blinds, lots of natural light
6201. more and more and more freshly picked organic strawberries

6202. Jude "reading" favorite books
6203. Elijah actually reading!
6204. a big-girl domain for my blog, finally: did you notice I'm at now?!
6205. Psalm 1:1 copied in Elijah's ridiculous cursive handwriting
6206. tiny freckles sprinkled across Elijah's cheeks

6207. a friend's willingness to babysit our boys; the way she loves them and *wants* to have them over
6208. Saturday morning date with Steve
6209. hours spent exploring and learning about Nashville's history
6210. Chicago-style pizza for the first time in a decade or more
6211. the boys' excitement to go to church

6212. our friend's powerful, hilarious, encouraging Sunday school message about what God is doing through him and his family (and indirectly through us and our church) at Hope Community Church and around the world
6213. the sweet kindergarten teacher who invested in Elijah this year and taught him so much


Zoanna said...

Are you saying that Elijah wrote that??? His penmanship?? It's perfect!

Amy said...

Yes, Zo, he did--I promise! It is really insane...he has brought papers home where I had to look twice to see which line he traced and which line he wrote. Craziness. I thought teaching cursive to kindergartners was completely ridiculous--and for some of them it was--but I was surprised to see that he could totally do it. Blew me away.