Monday, August 11, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 330

Thanking God this week for...

6363. Jude's excitement to go to preschool

6364. a neighborhood with tons of huge trees
6365. this powerful spoken word piece by a college acquaintance of mine
6366. delicious new recipes

6367. His Spirit at work in me, producing hunger and desire for His Word and prayer
6368. brothers walking to school side by side

6369. this phenomenal message from Paige Benton Brown
6370. two shirts from JCPenney for $3.24
6371. the opportunity to bless a pregnant friend by taking care of a food craving :)
6372. the privilege of voting

6373. a great meeting with Elijah's new teacher at open house
6374. Steve making progress on finish work around the stairs
6375. bags heavy with farmers' market goodness
6376. Elijah helping me make his birthday cake
6377. Steve getting creative with frosting it

6378. seven years with the sweet boy who made me a mama
6379. how completely Elijah has outgrown his communication delays
6380. his love for God's Word and for books and reading in general
6381. his creative and curious mind
6382. his affection and compliments

6383. the sprinkling of freckles across Elijah's cheeks
6384. his obedience and gratitude
6385. his excitement about the watch we gave him for his birthday

6386. our pastor equipping us to better feed ourselves from the Word
6387. the inexhaustible riches of Scripture

6388. technology that enabled us to do birthday candles and presents "with" both sides of our family
6389. all three of my guys raving about the macaroni and cheese I made at Elijah's request
6390. bedtime snuggles and prayers with the birthday boy

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Thanks for the recipes. I made a very similar salad just with what I had around the house and it was delish. And that zucchini boat looks perfect for a zucchini I got from the garden that I'd missed and got WAY too big!

Happy birthday to your little man!